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Reference Matthew 25:31-46


I Will Not Be a Goat!

No kid-ding! (he says sheepishly) This site truly is about sheep and goats. Which one are you?

This site is associated with a Bible passage where Jesus separated people as sheep (followers of the Shepherd) and goats based on their response to needs of His body, the Christian church. In this message, and others, Jesus' main focus is on needs of the body, not the needs of the general population. Please read the article Sheep and Goats for a better understanding of the context of this page.

Here are a few sites that may help you find ways to meet needs of the body:

These are external sites that may or may not share your values and interests. Listing here is not an endorsement.

CitySites Urban Media The list of ministries includes some needs. They network with most ministries in the Twin Cities and are aware of needs where you might be able to participate.
Finishers Project Finish life well with Christian service, both short and long-term
Hands On Twin Cities Volunteer opportunities with a variety of organizations, mostly secular
Here's Life Inner City Volunteer opportunities, primarily in Minneapolis and Saint Paul Volunteer opportunities around the world, mostly secular
Kingdom Oil They are aware of numerous projects and needs where you can assist, primarily financially. They mainly work with ministries in the Twin Cities.
Short-Term Missions Short-term Christian mission opportunities, some just for a few days
Volunteer Match Volunteer opportunities with a variety of organizations, mostly secular, a popular site
Volunteer Solutions Volunteer opportunities presented by United Way, mostly secular

Generally, people will not offer help until they are aware there is a need. That communication link has room to grow, at least for churches and ministries in the Twin Cities area.

Churches seldom post needs on the generic volunteer sites, for a variety reasons I won't get in to. It would be nice if there was a "safe" place for them to share needs and opportunities.

If you are interested in funding tools or wages to provide better tools strictly for the needs and opportunities of ministries and churches (the body), let me know. My main interest at this time is the north central states. But if the information is organized well, it could be nationwide. Or....perhaps we just need to use the existing tools more consistently.

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